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When Joe Lyons, a young Englishman fresh from his National Service, arrives in Cuba at the beginning of 1958, he has no idea of the turmoil that is gripping the country.

He swings a job in Havana's latest American-owned casino, and finds himself working for mafia boss Meyer Lansky. His uninhibited Cuban girl-friend turns out to be a member of the revolutionary underground movement, and before long Joe is fighting alongside Che Guevara with Fidel Castro's rebels in the mountains.

Month by month the novel tracks the dramatic events leading to Cuba's revolution; the corrupt and vicious dictatorship of General Batista; the covert - and overt - involvement of the US; and the shifting political ideology of the rebels.

Seen through the eyes of our hero from South London, the story oozes rum, sun, sex, salsa and guns - the essence of Cuba on the eve of the revolution in '58.